Wk 6 – qualitative and quantitative research methods analysis and | RES709 Research Conceptualization And Design | University of Phoenix

Part 1: Article Analysis

Locate 1 qualitative and 1 quantitative research articles on a topic in your program of study from the University Library. Provide references to the articles you selected.

Write a 700- to 1,400-word analysis about the articles you found that addresses the following questions:

What characteristics make the study and research methods used quantitative?

What characteristics make the study and research methods used qualitative?

What are the major differences between the 2 types of research methods?

Refer to the Qualitative and Quantitative Terminology document for examples of qualitative or quantitative language that may be used in each article. 

Note: Part 1 of this assignment needs to be submitted in a separate document using the APA Student Paper Template. Provide properly formatted citations and references.

Part 2: Research Method Explanation

To apply these research methods to your own study, select a research method (qualitative or quantitative) that you might potentially use to achieve your study purpose.

Write a 200- to 350-word explanation of the research method you selected and why this method appropriately aligns with your problem, purpose, and research question.

Use the Research Outline Template provided in Wk 3 and:

Add your research method in the Methodology section from Part 1 of this assignment. Include the explanation of why you selected the methodology.

Revise your problem and purpose statements and the revised RQs from Wk 5.

Include APA-formatted in-text citations, a title page, and a reference page.

 Submit your assignment.